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Day 2

July 1, 2013

Date two was a continuation of day one. I didn’t sleep much, one hour at a time. Now I was staying at the Hilton Garden Inn downtown Toronto and we were planning to drive halfway home and stop at Coburg and stay the night there so I could visit with my parents. My hand was quite swollen and it was sore. The drive from Toronto the Coburg made my hand a bit more swollen so when I arrived at the hotel I got into bed with my right hand on two pillows. It was my father’s birthday so my wife got a little cake and they all came over to the hotel room and we had a cup of tea and coffee some cake and I visited with them for an hour or two. So basically day two was the same as day one whereby I stayed in bed taking two Percocets and two advil to every four hours to manage the pain.

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