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Day 3

July 1, 2013

I arrived home on day three and my bed was a welcome sight. The problems associated with Percocet began to take hold. This narcotic works well to control the pain however it stops your bowel stimulation and therefore results in constipation. Since I have diverticulosis, constipation is not something I want. I eat really well including green smoothies Chia gel with fruits and no red meat. However this doesn’t help. I used stool softener’s as recommended but I started to feel pain in my intestines so I decided that I would stop using the Percocet and began a routine of one super strength Tylenol and two Advil every four hours. The Tylenol manages pain whereas the Advil manages inflammation.

The pain went down on day three a bit. but remember, up until now I laid in bed with my hand up.

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