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Day 11 – Day 14

July 3, 2013

The last four days before the cast gets removed is annoying at best. It seems like the swelling has gone down a tad but this results in a more focused pain in my wrist. At times it feels like there’s a bruise and the cast is pushing on it so there is no real relief. I am still taking the Tylenol and Advil every four hours but I’m not certain if it helps or not since I do not want to try stopping. I’ve been told that if you stop and the pain gets worse that you’ll just be chasing that pain.

So what can I do at this stage?

I can walk around, sit in front of my computer and dictate blogs and answer emails and I can do a little bit of cooking. The pain in my wrist doesn’t go away but on a scale of 1 to 10 it hovers between 4 to 6. I’m getting tired of sleeping on my back with my arm in the air on top of two pillows.  The pain does make it difficult to concentrate on the computer for periods longer than one or two hours.

Now I have a whole lot of questions ready for my doctor on Friday. My questions are as follows and I will let you know the answers in two-day:

  1. when will the pain start to go away?
  2. when will I have strength in my hand?
  3. when can I ride my Vespa again?
  4. will I be able to ice my hand?
  5. they say full recovery is between 4 to 5 months but at what stage can I use my hand 50% or 80%?
  6. my fingers are sore when I try to stretch them open, will this go away?

So I am writing this on day 12 and will be leaving to Toronto in two days to see the doctor.  If anybody out there has answers to these questions or has an experience to share, please comment.

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