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Day 18 – Finger exercises

July 7, 2013

After one day of doing my exercises I could see a very small improvement with my thumb being able to touch my index finger. My fingers can open and close slightly more than they could the day before. I dread doing these exercises five times a day because they are very painful. But I suppose that the healing process is now in my hands and if I don’t do these exercises I will not regain the maximum movement possible after the surgery.

As you can see in the video below there’s a slight improvement from yesterday with the mobility of my fingers. In fact, today I can actually lift a piece of paper between my thumb and index finger. No, I can still not ride my Vespa. Extending my fingers, opening my fingers is the most painful and feels like a burning inside my wrist down my arm. In a way it feels like my tendons are stuck where to surgery was. It seems to be a kind of catch 22 situation, as I do these exercises I irritate my wrist and my wrist feels sore and gets a bit swollen.

I thought that since I was in a brace that the pain in my wrist would be less than in the cast which was too tight. So I tried to reduce my Tylenol and Advil last night. However this was not very successful at all! I woke up at 10 o’clock with severe pain and throbbing in my wrist. So I immediately took another Tylenol and one Advil and I am back to the schedule of one super Tylenol one 400 mg Advil every four hours until further notice.

Lucky for me Via Rail issued an email yesterday advising me of a sale. So I immediately bought tickets to go back to Toronto on July 30 for my next appointment. To my surprise I bought return tickets for $95 as opposed to $250.

Well it is about time for my next round of exercises. So I will insert the video below that describes all of the finger exercises that I have to do and then I will start doing them.

Finger Exercises

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