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Day 20 – Exercises/improvements

July 8, 2013

Day twenty or the third day after the cast is removed I continue with my exercises. However last night when I removed the brace and the white sock underneath to wash my hand I noticed that I am forming a sore along the edge of the bottom of my thumb where it meets the hand. It is getting to the point where that is causing me pain, almost as much as my wrist. I have a couple of other braces for carpal tunnel that use Velcro straps on the side instead of shoestrings. I think the shoestrings on the left side of the brace cut into the bottom of my thumb where it meets the hand because my thumb is still swollen. It’s making a purple line on my skin that is really sore.

I can see some improvements with the exercises. I started doing them Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday and now Monday morning. My thumb is beginning to move again and I can form more of a fist with my fingers. However straightening the fingers out is still very painful and difficult.

I will get some kind of measurement tool to measure the angles and post them on the site. And again, I will be phoning the Toronto Western hospital today to request permission to change the brace. The video below shows the improvements since the cast was removed three days ago.

Day 20

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