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Day 30 – Exactly one month

July 21, 2013

It is now one month exactly after my surgery and two weeks since the cast was removed. Perhaps the progress is normal but I cannot help but wonder if something has gone wrong with the nerve block and a tight cast. My fingers seem to be swollen and they are achy all the time. Stretching them open is very difficult and painful and I have not noticed a great improvement over the last two weeks. My thumb does not move properly and it feels like a chunky piece of muscle under my thumb is one big tight leather strap holding my thumb tight and not allowing it to move or bend. Since my last entry I have stopped taking Tylenol and Advil during the day and I am only taking the prescribed painkillers and one Advil before I go to sleep. I find after performing the exercises five times a day that my wrist and fingers are sore by the evening which makes it difficult to sleep comfortably.

I am hoping that my doctor will look at this video and offer any feedback. It is July 20, 2013 and I have my next appointment on July 30 in ten days. The following video explains my concerns and shows some progress. To stay positive, I was able to pick things up with my fingers in the last week that I could not do before, I was able to take a picture with my camera using my right hand to click the shutter but there is a constant aching in my fingers.

One Month After PRC

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  1. Sarah permalink

    Thank you for creating this blog! I just had this procedure done on Monday, so having a place to go for support is very helpful! Stay positive! Keep doing your exercises. I had a surgery on this same wrist in November last year and I went through the same type of struggles you are having with not seeing improvements in the exercises. It is a very frustrating and long process. Just stick with it. I have high hopes that you will ride your bike again!

    Thanks again for blogging!

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