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Day 55 – Patience is a virtue…

August 15, 2013

I’m starting to receive many emails and some people are even leaving comments asking about the recovery after a PRC. People have questions such as “I know every case is different, but I was wondering what your thoughts were on being able to return to an active status after PRC? I am still relatively young (late 30’s) and typically active in sports, and entertaining my three young children. Any advice or information you or your followers might have would be helpful and greatly appreciated”.

Unfortunately I’m not a Doctor or physiotherapist, but I am beginning to get my hands around this problem. Although only seven people have answered my poll it seems like the results are consistent with the statistics that I’ve read on many other sites. Approximately 30% of the respondents are very satisfied with the results while 30% simply satisfied, 30% not satisfied and 10% of no comments or their comment is “other”. I have not filled out this poll yet because I’ve not yet arrived at a stage where I can judge whether I am satisfied or not. However today was an interesting day for me and perhaps it will shed some light on many of those questions about what can I do after a PRC.

They say that patience is a virtue seldom found in women and never found in men. As a man recovering from a PRC, I have to agree with this totally. The biggest problem for me is how long it takes to recover. Often throughout my life I have broken a bone, fractured a bone, pulled muscles had sprains and have hurt my back. However most of these heal relatively quickly and you start to see and feel the healing process move forward at an accelerated rate once it begins. However this is not the case with my PRC. It seems like moving my fingers is a struggle even though the surgery was on my wrist. My wrist is starting to move 20 to 30% inwards an 5% outwards. As it strengthens however I believe that this movement is quite good and I could almost do everything I did before the operation.

I write a Vespa and I blog about it. Today I made an entry on my blog at whereby I actually installed some electronics on my Vespa, washed her up and actually attempted to ride her to the bank. However, I was clearly not ready to do that type of riding because my right fingers were not strong enough to fully pulled the brakes. My wrist turned a enough to power her and with my elbow in my wrist I could see having the full throttle range. But today is not the day for that. I put her back in the backyard after going around the block. I still have more exercises to do and it will take more time to strengthen those fingers.

A month ago I was considering to sell my Vespa because I to do not know how this would heal and what I could do with it afterwards. Now I have good days and bad days, some days I feel like I can conquer the world while others I am racing to a hot cold bath on my wrist.

I think if the procedure is successful the most people recover and be able to do most things that they did before but it will take time. I spoke to someone who broke the wrist and it took them one and a half years to get back their fingers and movement. He played guitar and it was his left hand so he said he still cannot play many chords. But he is still playing the guitar.

Doctors and physiotherapists don’t seem to give a timeline for recovery nor will they guarantee any type of specific recovery results. My Doctor and my physiotherapist said to me that I would drive my Vespa again and after today I finally believe them. I hope this helps…

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