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Day 80 – An MRI

September 10, 2013

It is now two weeks since I have not seen the physiotherapist. My hand and strength have improved considerably. I am doing my exercises daily, it ice my wrist using an ice pack before bed with my wrist on a pillow above my heart and I am sleeping with the brace and my hand above my heart to help reduce the swelling in my fingers. Although the swelling has gone down and I have much more strength than I did a week ago I am still weak. Today I had an appointment with my family doctor who started this whole procedure with a letter to Doctor Steven McCabe in the first place. I explained how I think I have some information overload and I’m not certain on which direction to take at this point. Perhaps I simply have to wait and time will heal everything. However waiting is not in my nature and I still think something is wrong since my fingers are still quite stiff after 2 1/2 months. Therefore my Doctor has agreed that I should have an MRI that may provide more detailed information. Hopefully the MRI will provide a reason at the very least that I have swelling in my fingers. I am told that this may take one to four weeks depending on how busy the MRI clinics are. Additionally, my Doctor will try and find the hand certified physiotherapist in Ottawa that I can visit once or twice a week. Ottawa is a one hour drive and therefore not so bad.

I know that my hand is getting better, but it is just very slow. For example, today I can use a pepper mill whereas a week and half ago I could not. I can do most things today with my fingers in my hand and they are not to sore during the day. I just do not see the swelling going away, it seems to have reached a certain point and staying there.


I am now anxious to get the MR I results and I will post them as soon as they’re available.

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