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Day 80 – Question/Answers

September 10, 2013



We have added a new section on top of this blog called questions and answers. Those of you having a PRC, about to have a PRC or are simply interested in a PRC may submit a question concerning the procedure.

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  1. Hi peter and thanks for the blog. You mention a few drugs during rehab and specifically, two that would take prior to surgery. Would you please shoot me an email or text with the names of the two drugs. Thanks in advance, +1.646.460.1010

  2. Peter B permalink

    So here I am, 71/2 months post PRC (Jan 31). Doc did carpal tunnel release surgery on May 15 because of persistent numbness in my fingers. Had EMG/Nerve Conduction testing two weeks ago which showed minimal (read near zero) nerve conduction to my index and middle fingers and to my thumb. Also I had dexterity and sensitivity testing just yesterday which showed zero feeling in my index and middle fingers and very little in my thumb. Ring and little finger were near normal. Dexterity was horrendous and grip strength barely half that of the left hand.

    I refer to January 31st as “…a day which will live in infamy…” and I’m convinced that it was a mistake to have the surgery in the first place. Cut it off – I think It’d be not a lot worse.

  3. Peter B permalink

    I had a PRC on January 31, 2014. I feel as though my recovery is a bit slow. While I can make a fist, spread my fingers, and my strength is not bad there is still some swelling of my fingers. But my biggest concern is that I have almost NO FEELING in my fingers and thumb. My doc says it’s from the swelling in my palm which is impinging on the nerves in the carpal tunnel. So he put a shot of cortisone directly into the carpal tunnel. Result after three weeks ~ little to no improvement. I see him again in couple of weeks.

    My question is did/do you have any loss of feeling and if so how long did it last?

    ~ Peter in Raleigh, NC

    • I had feelings (too much at times) in my fingers. I still have stiffness and slight swelling at times. It is almost 11-months since my surgery. I resisted the cortisone shot that was suggested for the base of my thumb. I fear that I need to go under the knife again to remove a bone fragment that may be causing this issue. The bone fragment was not really visible until I insisted on an MRI. The MRI showed a 0.8 cm long bone fragment in the area at the base of my thumb where it seems all the trouble is.

      • Peter B permalink

        My problem is such that I burned the !@#%$SXC out of the tip of my index finger ~ right to the “meat”. This lack of feeling was not in the recovery forecast.

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