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5-Months Update

November 21, 2013

Well it is exactly five months after my Proximal Row Carpectomy and I still have a hand. I received the CT-Scan report and according to the radiographer who read it, my hand is quite unremarkable considering I had a PRC. That means that they found everything to be as expected. Below is a copy of the CT-Scan Report for those of you who can read it. Additionally, I Posted the CT-Scan pictures and video at

ctscan1         CT Scan2


This morning I took a short video of my hand in motion to give you a better idea on the range of motion I have. Obviously I am in the lower percentile of not so successful range of motion results. But I will further explain below what I can and cannot do.



My fingers are stiff in the morning and do loosen up during the day. However, my issue is that I sleep on my side and often I wake up with my head on top of my right arm that seems to cut blood flow a bit from my hand. I have noticed that when I sleep on my back with my arm up a bit on a pillow that my mornings are better. But this is often not how I wake up. I also notice that if I drink 8 cups of water a day the stiffness improves as well and again, this does not always happen. Below is a run down to answer some questions anyone may have:


Which hand had the PRC?

Right and yes, I am right handed

Does my wrist hurt during the day?


Does your wrist hurt during the night?


Does your wrist ever hurt?

Yes, when I accidently hit it with a hammer while hammering a post into the ground using my left hand. Learned not to hold things with my right hand.

Can you sign your name?

Yes, no problem

Can you write?

Yes, but not so much. writing stains my wrist so I could not write a long letter. I can easily leave notes and jot down phone numbers and names. I can complete my deposit book. But that is all I really need in today’s world because I type fine.

Can you type?

Yes, as well as I could before but my fingers do get stiff with too much typing, like in about a minute or two from now.

Can you cut vegetables?

Yes, but I need a sharp knife. If I cut too many vegetables, my wrist muscles do get sore. I still cannot grip the knife as tightly as I would like because of some stiffness in my fingers

Can you ride your motorcycle?

I did and I can. BUT, the vibration would make my fingers stiff afterwards. I am hoping this condition will go away after a year.

Can you swing a golf club or bat?

Yes but the more shocks to my wrist would begin to cause it to be tender and hurt a bit. I would choose not to play baseball and if I was a golfer, I think I would use a wrist support. Most likely would need a couple of Advil’s after 18-holes.

Can you shake hands?

Yes but I am very protective and cautious

Can you do chin ups?

Not at all

Can you do push-ups?


Can you crawl?

Not really.

Can you punch with your right hand?

No but I can pull a trigger

Can you do Yoga?

Not the typical class since so much of yoga is pushing on your wrist such as downward dogs and so on. The quite meditation is fine.

Can you scrub a pot?

Yes, but too many many pots would start to hurt a bit (or so I tell my wife)

Can you tie a tie, bow tie and do buttons?


Can you tie a shoelace?

Yes, but a bit differently

Can you swim?

Yes, but too many laps will begin to hurt my wrist muscles. I assume this will get better.

Can you mow the lawn?

Yes although I did play the poor me part for a couple of months so my wife would mow the lawn.

Can you use a snow blower?

Yes, but have not yet. I think the vibration may create an issue of stiffness like the motorcycle.

Can you drive standard?

Yes, no problem

Can you play video games?

Yes, but I am  no longer the world champion of Mario Kart. I am not as precise and quick with my right hand

How about showering and washing?

No problems there

Can you cook, lift pots of water and so on?

Yes, after about 4-months I am totally ok in the kitchen to perform all types of cooking. I can even lift a turkey in and out of the oven

Can you carry a suitcase for travelling?

Yes providing it has wheels

What can you not do?

I cannot do a scooping motion with a spoon so I use the left hand and rotate the bowl into a scooping motion.

I cannot lift heavy things

I cannot wake up without stiffness

I can never forget about the hand. I seem to always be aware of it now

I cannot do tiny movements for a long time without getting stiff. For example, picking up washers and putting them away or working repetitively with tiny things would cause my fingers to become stiff.

I cannot do anything that shocks the wrist such as hammering.

I still cannot give some one a full bird….

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  1. Cristy Prior permalink

    At just over 8 weeks now it’s been discovered I have de Quervain Syndrome in my PRC hand. It’s a form of tendonitis in the meaty part of the thumb. So along with the occupational therapy to regain range of motion I am also getting therapy to deal with this new development.
    My range of motion is coming along nicely, I was able to move my hand and wrist well enough to make a door wreath and a mantle piece for Christmas.
    The wrist flexor splint they have me wearing at night is beyond awkward and uncomfortable. I will be glad to be done with it! There is a lot I can now do that I couldn’t several weeks ago but still a lot that I can’t do yet

  2. Sandy permalink

    I am a couple weeks short of 4 months, I find similar comparable problems, however, I work as a bank teller and find that counting money is extremely aggravating and have been recommended to actually wear brace at work at all times work shorter shifts and ice every couple hours. Strengthening is coming very slowly. I am enjoying reading your updates. Thank you. Sandy

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