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MRI – Now What?

December 6, 2013

I received my MRI Report this week. My family doctor could not comment on the results other than to say something has changed and is not exactly right. She said that the surgeon would be the better professional to comment. I have sent a copy of the report and the CD of the MRI to Dr. Steve McCabe to review.

My fingers are still stiff and I find myself at a point where I feel that my thumb is not improving and the wrist improvement is stagnant. It seems like if I use it it will begin to get sore. After reviewing the report, the two things that concern me is the 0.8 cm (that seems huge to be in my wrist or in the middle of a hinge joint?) elongated bone fragment located lateral to the trapezium, possibly a scaphoid remnant and the possible 1 cm. longitudinal tear or moderate tendinosis in the extensor carpi ulnaris tendon. Perhaps the bone fragment is the cause of my thumb issue and the tear or tendinosis may be the cause of my sore/stiff fingers?

Below is a diagram of these areas. I also have include the MRI Report for those who may enlighten me on how to interpret the results. I am waiting to hear from my doctor and I will update this post.




extensor tendons



MRI Report




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