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Under the Knife Again?

March 7, 2014

I had my appointment with Dr. Steve McCabe a week ago. My issue is still with my thumb and it seems like it may be caused by this darn bone fragment and issue at the base of my thumb. He said that he could go back in on the thumb area and cut part of the bone away to help make a less intrusive fit between the arm bone and the bone at the base of my thumb.  See the x-ray below. The main problem is how my hand reacted to surgery last time and there is no reason to think it may react better, even though it is a smaller operation. Therefore we agreed to wait until after this summer so hopefully I can move into my new home and get some enjoyment from riding (as much as possible). So I now live with a constant stiffness in my thumb that can get worse if I over work it. It also has an affect on my index finger and causes it to get swollen at times.


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  1. I hop that everyone posting on this is improving / healing / making progress. Meanwhile, I am two days from my PRC for Kienbock’s disease. Compounding the initial diagnosis is that 3 weeks afterwards, I tripped on a curb and fell flat on concrete – to stop the fall – you guessed it – I used my hands. Screwed up my wrists even worse. (Both also have carpal tunnel. Something for future surgeries or just live with it.) Surgeon reviewed latest x-rays after the fall and said the proximal row is “crushed.” Apparently smashed and now is compressed into the row of cartilege. I’m hoping I’ll still be able to type – and have less pain when using my hands for things like twisting open a jar. I’ve planned a trip to Europe in October (its mid-May now) and will have to carry my own luggage. Thoughts?
    Cordially, Ellen Hecht in California

  2. nick ruopoli permalink

    Sorry to hear about your present problem; I’m experiencing pain in the lower right side of my thumb! The therapist tells me everything in the wrist is getting resituated and in time the pain should subside In any case I’m waiting at lest a year before I consider any future surgery. I hope while your waiting that your condition improves. best wishes.

    • I hope so to. I guess the bottom line is that one has to decide exactly what they can live with and what they are willing to go through to improve and finally what are the chances for improvement versus the risks. I actually function fine. I do not have pain but it is a stiffness and often my fingers are kind of swollen a bit and sore but not pain. I am thinking that diet is important and warmth. It is cold and winter still where I live which probably does not help since I have to shovel and fight with the snow blower (often this year!!).

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