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Brace or No Brace….

March 15, 2015

If you have followed my recovery after a PRC you will remember that my biggest complaint was the base of my thumb. My fingers still are a bit stiff when I first wake up but three weeks ago I discovered a huge breakthrough that I wanted to share.

My doctor had suggested that I sleep with brace on to give my wrist support during the evening and to avoid any potential injury. However, I noticed more and more that I would wake up with the base of my thumb really sore. No matter how I tried to adjust the brace it seemed to apply pressure to the thumb area. I had also tried other braces from the local pharmacy but I had experienced the same. I had purchased one brace that could be used for either hand and I noticed that it fit my normal hand perfectly but then when I put it on my right hand (PRC hand) I felt that slight pressure or restriction at the base of my thumb.

I decided to just not wear a brace. I think my brain has sufficiently realized that my right wrist is vulnerable and I seem to automatically avoid injuring it in my sleep. I started to notice that I would wake up and my thumb would feel rejuvenated. It is now three weeks since I have worn the brace to bed and I can truly say that I will not ever wear it to bed again. My hand feels 110% better lately and the pain in my thumb is not noticeable at all unless I aggravate it by using a jig saw or something like that. Even when I aggravate it,. it is only sore for half an hour ort less.

I think that part of the problem with the base of the thumb may have being caused by the brace in the first place. After all, braces are designed for a complete hand, one with all bones and not shortened by a PRC operation. I believe that the brace is slightly off between the thumb, hand and wrist which my have being responsible for holding my thumb in a position that did not allow the remaining bones after the PRC to settle naturally in a more effective position. I could be wrong but since I have stopped wearing the brace to bed, my hand feels amazing!

Perhaps it is time to design a brace specifically for a hand with a PRC?

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  1. Shawn permalink

    I don’t know when these dates are that everyone’s procedures were done as nothing shows the posting date. As of April 2015-I’m having a PRC in a few days on the LT wrist. I had two separate accidents on both wrists over ten years ago requiring multiple reconstruction attempts to reconnect the scapho-lunate ligament. I’ve been to numerous “top” hand specialists throughout Southern CA over the years…The hand surgeon for the Dodgers/Angels at Kerlan Jobe ended up doing my second reconstruction on my LT wrist and the one on my RT 10-12 years ago. At the time and because I had two young boys (2 and 4), he was the only one willing to attempt another reconstruction v. PRC or fusion. He was hoping I would get 9-10 years out of it. I’m in year 13 on my left and 11 on my right. Unfortunately he retired a few years back. Over the past four months I’ve been to five different specialists. All recommend the PRC, but didn’t explain anything in detail. Went to another highly recommended local specialists who was honest in saying I have four options, none of which are great. 1) to live with the pain; 2) PRC; 3) wrist joint replacement, 4) fusion (but would only do one wrist). He took the time to show me which of my two wrists were worse and why. Took the time to explain why he thought a PRC would be the best option at this point and why they work and don’t work and how long it’s expected to last. Suggested I wait on options 3 and 4 as those can be done post PRC. Said for a joint replacement there is only one surgeon he would recommend and he’s in Dallas.

    We’ll see how it goes.

    • Mary permalink

      4/17/16 Shawn, just curious. What is the Dallas surgeon’s name? I live in DFW, and am having wrist fusion in 2 weeks. PRC in 2012, after 2 years to diagnose Kienböck in left hand. Never really had much relief and wrist is practically immobile, anyway. Just looking to regain some strength in the arm muscles.

  2. permalink

    Thank you so much ! I was stage 4 kienbocks surgery jan, 21. Titanium plate and 8 screws fusion, shaved ulna . My little finger is still stiff and swollen, not much strength in hand I can hold phone for a while, then it just drops, I am much improved, my greatest fear is my right hand is now bothering me! Perhaps it is from over use , I was fortunate to have it in no dominate hand left pardon the typing! Will see surgeon March 31 hoping for the best.again, thank you! Dianne

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