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A New Forum is Born!

April 12, 2016

I hope all of you are on the road to recovery or at least moving in the right direction. It has being a while since my last post but I have created a new FORUM that will better serve everyone and enhance the communication between members of the forum. Membership is free but new members must be approved so that the forum is not attacked by robots looking to place advertisements.

Please sign in and once approved you may begin posting topics. I can create additional categories when needed and please suggest new categories that you would like to see by adding a post in general.

Once you have being approved, it would be nice if you could take the time to copy and paste any of your previous comments and entries into this forum so that more people may benefit from your experiences. You can view many of your past entries at the comments log. I will try to spend a day in the near future to do so.

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  1. Dan Fitzgibbon permalink

    Thanks for your efforts in creating and sustaining this valuable resource Peter!
    I am at day 4 post op and have already benefited from what I’ve read here. Originally, a few months or so prior to my surgery, I could not find much information on the net about active people who have had a PRC…it was frustrating. My first and second options couldn’t even agree as to the extent to which I could paddle, mountain bike, ride motorcycles…now I have a place to go to read about others going through the same. Let’s hope I can pay it forward once I’m through my recovery discoveries.

    Again, many thanks 🙂


  2. wixona13 permalink

    I can’t find the forum. Does it still exist?

  3. Paul Dobbin permalink

    Interesting forum, I have read and posted for a few years now as I travel the road of a disfunctional wrist that is now ready for a total fusion (Which is what my doctor suggested in the beginning.)
    While many have posted active life styles post PRC, I cannot hammer, push, shovel or use a rachet or torque wrench since my 4 corner fusion and subsequent arthritis scraping.
    The doctor told me that for people as active as I am, the total fusion would allow the most strength.
    The 4 corner fusion and scaphoid removal was hoped to be enough, but is not. He said the PRC was for older people who just needed to be able to hold their newspaper, not to be building a house at age 70. Well, the house is done and so is my wrist. Next up is a total fusion.

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