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June 2013 – September 2020 – 7 Years Later

September 10, 2020

I have not posted much over the last few years since I am just living my life. But I thought that it is time to provide an update since I recently was focused on my wrist during Labor Day Weekend.

It all started with a home project to repair the footings and support of my deck outside, move the stairs, repair areas of the deck and install a fence.

I started by shoveling three wheelbarrows of river rock to make room for where the stairs would eventually be. Next was some removal of sod, a calculation of wood, cement, screws, nails and blocks required, followed by a trip to the local Home Hardware.

So I started this project on September 1st, 2020 (my Birthday). Here are the basic steps:


  • Shoveled River Rocks and moved them to back of yard
  • Removed sod and levelled ground
  • Purchased all material required and moved it into back yard

Wrist: My wrist was fine at this point. No pain and no swelling.


  • Added two new 4 x 4 supports mounted on adjustable steel mounts into cement blocks
  • Removed existing supports, repositioned them properly and added the steel adjustable system to each one
  • Cut 4x6x8 into sections and installed them around the base of the deck for lattice to be applied

Wrist: My wrist was fine at this point. I had slight finger swelling do to the cutting and drilling.


This is where the work got serious.

  • Had to purchase a reciprocating saw (saw all) because I could not separate the existing stairs that included a landing area from the main deck. I ended up fighting with the saw trying to cut through screws between the star section and main deck. My wrist did not appreciate this action and the vibration of this saw at all
  • Once free we had to move it to its new location, level it and re-install it
  • Cut and started to install the lattice

Wrist: Well, the wrist was a bit sore and my fingers were sore and swollen. I took two Advil before bed.

Monday (Labor Day):

  • I completed the lattice Work and then had to laydown crushed stone and patio blocks
  • Finally we had to regrade all the surrounding land as simultaneously we were having a company install cedar hedges.
  • I then doubled up on the wood stringers on the fence on one side of the deck.
  • Then we installed a wrought iron fence for the dog area (reason for moving the stairs in the first place)
  • Final clean-up and move scrap and stuff to front of the house to go to scrap yard
  • Next week will be staining, weather permitting

Wrist: Well, the wrist was a bit sore and my fingers were sore and swollen. I again too two Advil before bed. However, by Wednesday my wrists and fingers had recovered. Today is Thursday and I feel as good as I did before I had started.

Below are some pictures.

In conclusion, seven years later, my life goes on 🙂

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  1. Sam permalink

    Nice to see a positive post. Been seeing some real negative things recently. I love my PRC and do anything I want. You might want to “tank up” on some Advil several days before you start on a major project like that. For me it seems to help to get the body full of anti inflammatories and take durning and after kind of like mainlanders. Good luck!

  2. Dan Fitzgibbon permalink

    Thanks for the update Pete! I’m at about the same level of ability/discomfort ratio doing very similar activities. Casting a spinning rod or baitcaster, paddling kayaks extensively, mountain biking are all working for me. Road cycling isn’t comfortable however, and that relates to the position of the wrist on the brake hoods. Other than that, good decision on the PRC. The benefits outweigh the discomfort, and my curveball breaks like it never did before 🙂

  3. George Reed permalink

    Glad to see your surgery has did you well. Hope I get the results that you have.
    I am just 12 months post and still having issues. Have a lot of soreness and swelling when weather changes. I’m sure it’s probably the titanium that was placed into my hand.
    Praying I get the results you have later on.

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