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Another year has gone by…

June 29, 2021

by Peter Sanderson – June 29, 2021

Another year has gone by since June 2013 and that makes it a total of eight years since they pecked three bones out of my right wrist. Whoever created the term carpectomy with the “PECK” being the key sounding word, really has a sense of humor. Mind you I was not laughing when they pecked the proximal row from my wrist in June 2013. But eight years later I think it makes me chuckle somewhat.

Life is advancing for me, and I deal with my wrist as I have for the last five years. In other words, I don’t hammer often, I don’t lift heavy things, I keep my riding to day rides and not huge weekly trips and I don’t box or swing a bat. Anything that really jars my wrist is still a no no for me.

I still ride though; enjoy photography and I now switch my canoe for a kayak so I can continue to enjoy life on the water. The J-Stroke would stress my wrist.

Am I satisfied with my PRC? I really don not know anything different to compare it to. So, my answer is yes. My wrist is my wrist, and it has not stopped me from doing the things I love. Unless of course they get to the point of a complete wrist replacement that works perfectly and/or even better, at which point I may change my answer to no.

I enjoy reading all the comments from people worldwide on this site. I checked the votes for PRC satisfaction and the ratios remain almost the same; 30% great, 30% ok, 27% not good, and the balance undecided. So, for the majority of us it has being good to great.

On another point, I received my yearly update invoice from WordPress and for the domain name from GoDaddy. I have continued to finance this page at a cost now of $ 140.00 per year. I have always felt that it is a gathering place for people who were told that they have a choice and one of those choices is a Proximal Row Carpectomy and for surgeons or doctors to read about real people’s experiences. If anyone is in a position to contribute to this page, there is a donation place on the far-right side of the page and if you choose to do so, I thank you in advance.

On a final note, if anyone would like to write about their experiences and send it to me using the form below, I will gladly post it on this site (good or bad). I think the more experiences we can post the more the surgeons and doctors can learn from this site.

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