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I started this blog because I needed a proximal row carpectomy and I could not find any further information other than how the operation is performed and statistical results of the operation. I had many questions that were left unanswered. For example, how much pain will I have during the operation, after the operation and how long will it take to heal? When could I start using my hand and more importantly my fingers? Would I be able to ride my motorcycle again? And if yes how soon?

I searched blogs, Bing and Google and could not find any answers to these questions. Of course I could find out what was involved in the operation and during operation including all those gory videos intended for surgeons and horror movie fans. So I decided to start a blog to log events and I urge anyone else who has had a proximal row carpectomy to add their comments or ask their questions to this blog so that it may help others. Additionally please share your experiences as well!

There may be some grammar errors since I’m using Dragon Naturally Speaking software to dictate the entries rather than typing. I hope to catch most of them.

  1. Liza Sabalos permalink

    I had my cast and stitches removed 8 days after the surgery was able to open and close and make a fist I’m now attempting to move the wrist forward and backward two and a half weeks post-op I want to regain as much mobility and function if anybody has any tips exercises suggestions please let me know @

  2. Dillon Pyron permalink

    My surgery was in July of 2017 and PT started in Sept. I spent about 6 months and I’m happy with the results. I’ve lost about 30% of my motion and strength but that’s better than what it was and where it was headed.

  3. Hal Forbes permalink

    Rehab took quite a while to get my right hand functioning properly. This was 20 years ago. I did lose about 50% of my up and down bend but all of the pain in my hand disappeared. Now I’m looking at a PRC of my left hand as it is becoming too painful to use.

  4. Donna Townsend permalink

    After having my procedure done (I also had a Darrache procedure & Scapholunate repair prior to this), my wrist was still painful. I couldn’t bend it 15 degrees. Tylenol 3’s didn’t help at all. Above the surgical site was hard. I also had new pains 360 degrees around my wrist that wasn’t there before. The slightest movement felt like a
    Bone was popping & rubbing against the radius bone. I’m so miserable and in more pain than ever

    • Donna Townsend permalink

      My procedure was done 09/15/2021

      • Christina permalink

        I was the same ive just had a total wrist fusion after a prc 2 years ago witch left me in more pain and couldn’t bend it properly had op 15/9/21

    • Gmb permalink

      Had my PRC on October 11. The pain is worse now than before surgery. Constant ache. Sharp pains sometimes. Range of motion sucks and I have no strength in my wrist/hand. I was NOT told the significance of this surgery (also had interosseous neurectomy and a radial styloidectomy at the same time). I do not recommend this surgery at all.

      • Lou permalink

        Same with me the exact same story on results of surgery. Mayo clic said 70% failure after and old study i read. You loose strength because the finger muscle are no longer tight by going over the bones they removed. So finger strength is gone..

  5. Barbara permalink

    I am post op had procedure done August 6
    Today is September 18
    Still in pain

  6. Rodger permalink

    I just underwent a PRC. You won’t feel any thing during your surgery. When they tell you to take a couple of deep breaths, you’ll wake up in recovery.

    The pain afterwards is manageable without strong pain killers. At least I am able to manage. Others my not fair as good.

    I was put in a splint for two weeks, and after the stitches, I was put in a cast. I just had the cast removed 3days ago. My. Hand is stiff but bearable. Ido see improvement each day.

    My goal is to be back working by the end of October.

    Time wise, from surgery to return to work hopefully will be 3-4 months.

    I hope I gave you some helpful information.

    Good luck with your surgery.

  7. Taylor permalink

    Hi everyone! So happy to have stumbled upon this blog and coming across others with similar experiences. I am a 26 woman, and I had a PRC for Keinbock’s disease (stage 3B) in December of 2019…I had a very challenging recovery due to the wound, stitch abscess, and finally having to stop therapy and treatment due to Covid. Summer of 2020 I started doing regular hand therapy again and my pain wasn’t improving so they gave me a small cortisone shot locally which helped.

    Come December 2020 my pain levels had subsided to about a level 2, and I could live most days without constantly thinking about the pain. My OT and surgeon closed my file and said to stop exercises and just live my life (still wearing my splint to sleep to stabilize the wrist). Come this April the pain was back full swing and they essentially said all that could be done was getting me a new splint and come back if I was in excruciating pain – I was then, and am now. I’m thinking I may need an MRI to assess if the bones are clashing or see what’s going on, but my surgeon and OT insisted on closing my file and don’t give me the time of day. I’ve decided to try seeing a new doctors to refer me to a new surgeon or specialist for a second opinion.
    I am only 26 and have been living with this pain for over 2 years, even still no one knows what the cause was. I am at a loss and hoping for good news, but the treatment I’ve been getting here in Montreal has been frustrating and disheartening to say the least. I just got an at-home TENS machine and am hoping it provides some relief too. Very scared about living the rest of my life with this constant pain.

    Has anyone had a similar experience? Any advice or words of encouragement? Any diet or exercises or home treatment that have helped?
    Thank you all in advance!

    • Christina permalink

      Hi Taylor! I was 26 when I had my PRC to help alleviate pain from Keinbock’s. I wasn’t given a stage of it, but my wrist surgeon said he’d never seen it so severe in somebody so young. 🙃

      I had pain for roughly 10 years before that when my wrist gave out in high school & I tore my TFCC. It’s only my speculation that it all started back then because of my radius & ulna being 3 times the normal extreme in height difference. Throughout those 10 years, I continued to play volleyball, basketball, throw (field events), run, and lift weights. I would have days when the pain would be worse, so I would throw on a brace and suck it up. It wasn’t until my wrist “exploded” (pain wise) that I ended up in the emergency room with a referral to a wrist surgeon.

      Once I had my surgery, my range of motion was limited to about what it was before (way less than my non injured wrist.) The pain is back to what it was before the “explosion.” It really only flares with crazy weather (probably arthritis) and when I hit a finger the wrong way (shooting pain that causes swear words & stops me for quite a while.) I’m now 4.5 years post PRC and doing whatever I possibly or finding modifications for it (currently doing CrossFit for 3 years and counting & training for a marathon.) I know each person’s experience is different, but I’d be happy to answer any questions! I hope you are able to get that second opinion! Fight for what you believe is right!

      • Gretchen Struckhoff permalink

        I am 51 and have been diagnosed with stage 3 Keinbock’s. I have a my PRC scheduled for January 24th, 2023. I am also in the process of dealing with insurance so I have appointments scheduled with another hand specialist. Regardless the surgery will be happening in Jan or Feb.

        I stumbled across this blog and I have to say I am extremely nervous about this surgery. I have been in a brace now for 3 months, but dealing with the pain off and on for years under the assumption it was tendonitis. The pain associated with this stage of Kienbock’s is barely tolerable and my doctor and all of the research I have done states that the pain associated with post surgery will most likely be worse for a while – but will get better with time and healing.

        My lunate is completely collapsed and is fractured at this point – ouch. My surgeon is going to also clip a nerve to help alleviate pain later. Has anyone had that procedure done in conjunction with the PRC? I have been warned that I will lose some mobility, but not enough that I can return to my regular activities.

        Any comments or advice prior to the surgery?

    • Lou Hagler permalink

      Yes im in the same situation 15 months post prc and internal brace cmc. I can do most things but pay the price next couple days. I had it done to the right dominant. Doc wanted to do left i said no way am i going through that hell again. I have pain in left wrist as well. I need a tkr and ankle fusion after. Next year will not be good. Im finally on tramadal er 100 mg. I can sleep at night. But like using a pole saw its two tylenol. 2 hrs no sleep screaming pain i take alieve. Pain hour later i take voltarum cream when dries i put lidocain back patch in half so it goes around the wrist. If still screaming i take a third tramadal. Ive only done that three times. Life is a bitch but my grandchildren keep me safe. I would never do anything that would hurt me and in the end hurt them. I just pray it will get better. Fusion is the only option I have..

  8. Mark A permalink

    I had Scaphoid-Lunate disassociation (the ligament was torn sometime around 1996). I dealt with the pain during/after activities for decades and in Jan 20 had a PRC. Over the last year the pain increased to constant. May 21 I had another surgery to clean out scar tissue, inflamed tissue, arthritis caused by bone on bone. It feels better 2 wks post surgery but range of motion is still and will be severely limited and the new dr said another surgery to add artificial spacer or fusion is certain.

    • Tracey permalink

      4 months post op all good but in the last month I have had sudden pain on the right side of my right hand and I can’t lift much.

      • Samuel S Antley permalink

        Tracey, hope everything is ok. I had pain on and off after surgery. Mostly on the little finger side. I was told it was everything settling in their new position. The inability to lift might be your body protecting itself. ( That hurts I’m not going to do that) If the Dr says everything is Ok you may have to work through it. I don’t have any discomfort with my PRC.

  9. Went in originally for an four corner fusion but the doctor changed the procedure to a PRC with allograft. I was reading your article and watch your video, and didn’t see you mention about any allograft used in your PRC surgery. Unfortunately, the allograft that was put in to my wrist, dislodged which caused my top wrist bones to shift, dislocate and collapsed on to my radius and ulna. The doctor who performed this surgery abandoned me once he received the MRI report confirming the allograft became dislodged. After seeing how swollen, disfigured and all the pain I was having, did not want to correct his surgery and left me high and dry. After over a month looking for another doctor’s who could and wanted to help me, found an excellent one and he had to remove the allograft, test the tissue inside my wrist for infections that the dislodged allograft might have caused and had to put a new and different type of allograft, to replace the 3 bones removed and bring back up the top row of wrist bones and put them back in their proper place. Once that was all done, he had to perform a total wrist fusion. Doing much better now, except for the extreme numbness and tingling in my thumb, index and middle fingers, which happened from the first surgery from the dislocated wrist which caused pressure on my nerves and tendons.

    • Sorry forgot to put in the first surgery was done on 11/13/2020 and the revision surgery was just done on 4/13/2021, only 5 months apart.

      • Paul Dobbin permalink

        I had the 4 corner fusion 1/15/2015….Can’t hammer or use a rachet wrench or do any heavy lifting with my right hand. I’m right handed and have been restoring classic cars for 50 years. Should have had the full fusion. I was going to get the PRC but the doctor told me that wad for old ladies to hold up their newspaper only

      • Fred smith permalink

        My prc was now officially a failure and they can’t fuse together no more push ups hammering flares wrist up these doctors just hang us like meat debone us then string us along with stupid lies cause they don’t want used then pass the year drop you and say well it’s a failed prc now I had holes drilled in femur and TIBIA and stitched minicus pumped cement in knee I went in just for broke minicus and guess what knee still pops hard and loud and NOW my whole side of my knee hurts results are worse than I went in for and I get told ARTHRITIS my ass and let me tell you the pain for weeks is worse than having a baby or kidney stones that they will tell you don’t do it and if you do plan on being out off work minimum 3 months

  10. Saras Ganapathy permalink

    I had a PRC done about 15 days back, for arthritis probably following SLAC — I’m 78, not terribly active, don’t remember any wrist injury. I guess it’s too early to say much, other than that I’m not having much pain, and certainly way less than before the surgery. My problem is that I urgently need to sign some documents, can anyone tell me approximately how long after the surgery they could write well?

    • Samuel Antley permalink

      Saras that is hard to say. Fine control with the thumb will take long time. If I guessed I would say 6 months or better. After three years my handwriting is not the same as it was before PRC. However, I can write for long periods of time. Hope that helps.

      • Saras Ganapathy permalink

        Thank you, it does indeed, though now I need to figure out alternative ways to handle some urgent legal and tax requirements! Appreciate your taking the time to reply.

      • Saras Ganapathy permalink

        I’m sending this in case it’s of use to anyone else, although I recognise that each person’s experience is going to be different. It’s now five weeks since my surgery, and things are pretty encouraging. I have some pain on the the ulnar (pinky) side of my wrist, and occasional dull aching in the fingers and forearm, but nothing too bad. I’ve had daily physiotherapy for about 10 days now, and spend a lot of time with my hand in iced water and doing various exercises at home. I can do a few things with the operated hand that I couldn’t do earlier — pick up an empty cup, hold a spoon, use a light switch. There is still a bit of swelling on both sides of my hand and fingers, which I think makes some of the exercises harder to do, and I find I have a marked tremor when I am exercising my thumb and little finger against resistance. But generally progress. And I can almost legibly sign my name — hallelujah!

  11. Micki permalink

    I still have pain and stiffness almost 8 months post carpectomy. I have limits to what I’m able to do. I am having PT but reduced to once a week now. It’s frustrating. I’m 71 years old.

  12. Edward J Burton permalink

    I am about 3 1/2 months out after having just plain PRC surgery. I had my last day of physical therapy today. my strength measure out to about half of what my non surgical hand is which right now I don’t consider to bad because my surgical hand is my dominant hand and it is working pretty well right now. I am doing basically everything I could do before the surgery. Sometimes there is pain involved depending what I am doing. I have no problem opening a tightly closed bottle or jar though there is a slight pinch of pain in the side of my wrist. I am using a snow blower and it doesn’t hurt to use but it does make my wrist sore and tender for a couple of days afterwards but that is after using it for 4 hours straight. I don’t know the numbers on my range of motion but the therapist said I am already at the max that is expected after this type of surgery. I am slowly building up strength but with wrist protection on I am already doing single handed curls of 30 lbs.

    • Samuel Antley permalink

      Sounds wonderful dude. Keep that forearm muscle stretched out. I like to use a chair with arms on it and sit down on your hand with the inside of the wrist against the chair. Go slow and pull on the muscle more than the wrist. Works for me

  13. Greg Miley permalink

    The PRC while invasive to the structure of the hand-wrist, is the best of 3 options presented. Doing nothing will result in pain and agony ! A fusion offers limited movement as the W-R is locked into place ! And the PRC provides the closest to full recovery of the H-W functions.

  14. Michele permalink

    So far less pain after surgery than expected – only 5 days ago. Still in hard half cast and ace wrap

    • Tom permalink

      Try to find a physical therapist who specializes in hand therapy. Mine was two years ago. Occasional aches, but no real limitations on activities.
      Good luck to you.

    • Samuel Stewart Antley permalink

      I have not been keeping up with this site but I see some terrifying comments. My PRC was a very difficult decision but the best I have ever made. It give me my life back. It’s a long road but I don’t even think about the wrist anymore. I’m an active person and builder that hammers, lifts and pulls with the wrist every day. Best advice is to give it time and start slow and learn your new joint. Work on the fore arm muscles and keep the knots out, it is what controls the wrist. If the PRC doesn’t work you always can get the full fusion. People do good with that also.

      Best wishes

  15. Emily permalink

    Hi y’all! I’m 24 and will be having a PRC Thursday due to Kienbock’s! My poor lunate is dead and shriveled up, and is killing my scaphoid! I’m very nervous about the recovery time, and pain from surgery!

    • KIMBERLY SMITH permalink

      Oh no! I’m worried for you. My husband is 4 years out and the pain is worse everyday. His hand shakes uncontrollably, swelling, extreme unrelenting pain and you are so young.
      He had carpal tunnel a few years before.

      • Paul permalink

        My doctor told me that the PRC was for old women whole only needed to hold a book or newspaper. Active people who worked with their hands needed a four corner fusion or full wrist fusion for maximum strength. I got the 4 corner fusion and now wished I had a full fusion.
        Whatever you do, it will never be the way is was originally.

    • Good luck and I hope you heal quickly.

      • Do not do it you will lose your strength your hand will be deformed you will have even worse pains and arthritis your hand will not be able to move half as much as it does and they will leave you in pain and call it Arthur Reddick changes and you would have arthritis and no one will relieve your pain due to all the new laws but you understand what I’m talking about if you do get it

    • Leonor permalink

      Hi, I will be getting mine done in 2 weeks due to the same. How are you doing now? How did you do after surgery and how are you doing now?

      • Emily permalink

        I’m doing great now! The constant pain I had pre PRC is gone which is a blessing. I did physical therapy for 4 months post PRC and I’ve gained 50% strength and function! It was discouraging at times but I pushed myself and I am happy with the results! I can do pretty much everything I was doing pre PRC (bow fishing, lifting 20lb+ etc) don’t get me wrong if I over do it I do have some pain and discomfort but it is completely different than the constant pain I was in pre PRC! Some days it is stiff and sore but stretching and massaging my fore arm and wrist helps! I’m an active 25yo mother of 2 children (6&7) and I’m still gaining strength and function by living my normal every day life. I hope this helps, and I’m sending good vibes, prayers and good luck!

      • Leonor Flores permalink

        Thanks for your reply.. happy to hear you are doing well after surgery.. I was a massage therapist for 6 years Nd havent been able to work for the last 4 years.. finally at the stage where prc is the only option left. I’m scared off the pain after surgery and how long recovery will be :/

      • Sam Antley permalink

        Leonor, probably with the amount of pain you have been through the post PRC will just be discomfort. I’m post PRC three years and I don’t remember a lot of pain afterwards. I do remember the pain I was in before surgery was gone. Grant you it will take time and a lot of discomfort but the 24 hour pain will be gone.

      • Tom permalink

        I’m almost 3 years now, and I can’t stress strongly enough to follow your physical therapy routine. If possible, find a certified hand therapist. Best to you

      • Emily Jewell permalink

        The pain after surgery is a different pain than the constant dull and sharp pain from Kienbocks! Physical therapy will be your best friend, and doing the work on your own and testing your limits will help you reach your goals. It’s discouraging at times but you can do it! It can take a year or more to get back to “normal”

    • Taylor permalink

      Hi Emily! So nice to hear of another young woman going through the same thing. I am now 26, and I had a PRC for Keinbock’s in December of 2019…I had a very challenging recovery due to the wound, stitch abscess, and finally having to stop therapy and treatment due to Covid. Summer of 2020 I started doing regular hand therapy again and my pain wasn’t improving so they gave me a small cortisone shot locally which helped. My file was closed in December 2020 – 1 year post-Op because my pain subsided to a level 2, but now the pain is worse than ever and my surgeon and OT have stopped seeing me, providing no help. I’m looking for a second opinion now but incredibly discouraged.
      How has your healing been? How is life now?

      • Emily permalink

        Hey Taylor! I had surgery in August, so I’m coming up on my 1 year post op! I’m pretty much back to normal day to day activities but I still have some pain. Some days are better than others, but the pain is different than what it use to be before surgery.. I can lift, carry and do 90% of what I could before surgery and with my other hand, but my wrist will let me know when I cannot, am doing to much, and unfortunately I will most likely pay for it later with soreness, and a constant pain until I’ve allowed it to rest. I have this constant urge (which is sometimes painful) that I need to “crack” my wrist ( you know like cracking your neck or fingers) but unfortunately it will not pop and that’s something I’ve had to learn to massage, stretch or just deal with.

  16. Sherrie permalink

    *** I had a proximal row carpectomy about 8 months ago and have healed really well. I rear-ended a semi truck on I-10 going 80 miles an hour because I fell asleep at the wheel. Needless to say two weeks later I was diagnosed with sleep apnea. I have most definitely been having some trying times in the past year. My doctor did a really good job and was a really nice doctor and made me feel very comfortable. He said he had to remove a couple of the bones in there that they were all smushed together and broken so the only choice was a PRC. Then of course you have to deal with the plates in your arm for a few months and then another surgery to have them removed. I can make a fist completely and pretty much have full function of my hand and fingers. I feel very blessed. I have got a scar that’s about a foot long on my hand and arm but I’m alive. Definitely recommend a PRC

  17. Sherrie permalink

    I had a proximal row carpectomy about 8 months ago and have healed really well. I rear-ended a semi truck on I-10 going 80 miles an hour because I fell asleep at the wheel. Needless to say two weeks later I was diagnosed with sleep apnea. I have most definitely been having some trying times in the past year. My doctor did a really good job and wasn’t really nice doctor and made me feel very comfortable. He said he had to remove a couple of the bones in there that they were all smushed together and broken so the only choice was a PRC. Then of course you have to deal with the plates in your arm for a few months and then another surgery to have them removed. I can make a fist completely and pretty much have full function of my hand and fingers. I feel very blessed who got a scar that’s about footballing on my hand and arm but I’m alive. Definitely recommend a PRC

  18. Tracey permalink

    Hi, Im 42. I had a PRC in October 2019 after i completely tore my scapholunate ligament. The first surgeon did a ulna shortening thinking that was all that was needed. I continued working as a nurse where my wrist collapsed. I am really struggling with pain, weakness, Tendon swelling. I cant put any weight through my wrist. Im really struggling. Any advice etc greatly appreciated
    My surgeon is considering a fusion in September 2020 if it doesn’t settle.

    • I don’t know what to tell you because every surgery and every person is different. I struggled for what seemed for ever. It was not until about a year later that things started to settle down and hope became apparent. But years later I still get swollen at times depending what I do. For example, last month I ordered 85 bags of earth and loaded them into 4 car trips and off onto my driveway then into a wheel barrow and spread the earth. I followed that up with cement 2 foot scalloped boarders for a garden. 24 of them had to get into the back yard and then dug up the earth and installed them. Finally in my genius run I went on a three hour motorcycle run. My fingers and wrist are a bit swollen and my wrist is sore. But I know it will go away in a few days to a week providing I don’t continue this trend of use.

      • Tracey Entwistle permalink

        Thanks Peter, wow you are busy.

  19. Scott Shevins permalink

    Well I am 4 mos post and here’s what I can say : had alot of the symptoms,conditions and sensations of most of the contributors. Now I still have some lingering pain on the pinky side of hand and at base of thumb by wrist. Not a fan of the disconnect I had at pt so only went 5x. Though they were specialized in hand work I felt that what they were doing was causing me pain that did not feel right. I now do my own pt at my own pace and do not feel weaker and was able to control my pain levels… I think. I feel my wrist area is getting tighter and more tenuous. I feel that there are small gains happening such as the recovery cycle time from usage pain is getting less and I am able to do small tasks that do not cause much discomfort. My feeling is that this thing is slowly knitting together and making connections at the micro level. I watched the surgery online and believe me there is a lot of knitting that has to take place. Patience is a MUST, in my opinion and frustration is to be expected. I try to pay attention to the small successes-eg., typing at the computer; squeezing the shampoo bottle; using utensils etc., rather than focusing on what I can’t do. This is a weird surgery with a weird recovery and it is one of those dammed if you do dammed if you don’t deals. So I will stay the course and plod on into a hopefully decent if not good recovery. I am 61 and fairly active. I noodle at the guitar which was becoming increasingly more painful to do pre prc. Now virtually no pain finger picking and strumming. Golf wise I have done some chipping in the yard with no ill effects so I hope to move on to bigger club swings soon. Instead of weights for exercise I use tension straps which I attach to my half cast with a loop which also has had no ill effects. I hope this helps people though I know everyone has a different story. Good luck.

    • Bertreece permalink

      This was very helpful to me. I am 8 weeks post surgery and Im ready to get back to some of the things pre surgery. Your contribution to this reminded me that I must be patient with myself and it is ok for me to feel and get frustrated. I just cant dwell on the frustration but be thankful for the little wins. Thank you again, this was encouraging!

  20. W. Colewell permalink

    PRC was done 9/29/17. Initially the procedure reduced pain and physical therapist was great at restoring function to an acceptable level. However, at 2+ years post op my hand is weak, painful and often limits my ability to perform normal daily activities. I am currently researching total wrist arthroplasty as a remedy to my pain & loss of function. I am hesitant to undergo another surgery due to fear of poor outcomes.

    • Sam Antley permalink

      Sorry to here that. What kind of arthroplasty are you talking about? I have read about people doing good with a total fusion. I don’t know your wrist, but if I don’t take my anti inflammatory for a couple days I can start feeling pain in the wrist. I take my loss of strength when that happens to my mind protecting me from the pain. But I’m a wimp sometimes. Do you take something for the inflammation?

  21. Donald Carmody permalink

    Donald Carmody
    I am 74 and had PRC 12 days ago. The lunate bone was fractured in pieces. He had to add hardware to the capitate. (they numbed my arm for the surgery) Quite a lot of pain the first 7 days but not terrible. First cast went above the elbow. Stitches removed yesterday and they put on a shorter cast, below the elbow and just past the first row on knuckles. Surgery area looked very good and not much swelling now. I have not taken any pain pills for 3 or 4 days now. I can make about a 75% fist, already have grip strength of about 40%! This cast will stay on for 3 weeks so I do not know about wrist motion yet but I feel stronger each day. I golf at least 5 days a week and I had to quit golfing before surgery because of the pain in my wrist. I am mostly left handed and my left wrist was the bad on so I have had do do a lot of adapting! This is the first day I can use my left hand for typing, slow but I can do it!!! Thanks for all of you who left comments, so far I am glad I chose the PRC. He could not do the four corner op. because the lunate fracture was too advanced.

  22. Doris Mays permalink

    I am supposed to have proximal row carpectomy surgery in January. I’m scared to death and I don’t know if I should have this. I was just diagnosed with Kienbock’s disease and 2 torn ligaments. The surgeon told me that they can’t repair my wrist and if I wait to long it would require a more extensive surgery and they would fuse the bones. I was just fine until late June of this year until I tried to help keep my daughter from falling. She had just been released from the hospital and she was very weak. It didn’t bother me at first but after a few days it did and has continually gotten worse as well as I have been loosing strength in my wrist and the pain never goes away. An MRI with contrast was done and that’s how it was diagnosed. I’m not sure what to do or what to expect. I’m 63 years old but I’m in good health and active. I just wish I had more options. I was told that the Kienbock’s will get worse over time.

    • Samuel Stewart Antley permalink

      Best of luck to you Doris. Don’t really understand your condition but am a big fan of the PRC. It can be scary when they have to work on one of the hands you use everyday. But if the pain will go away it is a wonderful thing. Another thing. The fusion if needed later is not the end of the world. My limited motion and my buddy’s fusion are not that much different. However, I will take the PRC any day.

  23. Gerald R permalink

    The reason why you have a PRC goes a long ways in how well your outcome is. I had a PRC done because of a ligament rupture that occurred years ago (10-12 years) that I didn’t know of. Nine months post surgery my wrist/hand is MUCH worse off than before the surgery and I now wish the doctor had suggested the 4 corner wrist fusion option. She was too “gun-ho” on the PRC. My life is basically destroyed. The Social Security people do not believe I’m disabled so that “hurts” also. Everyday functioning can be a struggle. To be warned – stats show that 15% of people who have PRC end up saying it was a failure.

  24. Art permalink

    Saw DR. Hand today (yes Hand) about Proximal Row Carpectomy and am considering it. Want to get back to tennis as I am having pain problem in right wrist. Been putting it off for ten years and now got to do something. Had knee replacement in Jan 2019 so still now ready for tennis. Okay I am 82 years old and should go black to golf. Don’t want to. Undecided as to what to do. Want to hear from more who have had it and results.

    • Fred permalink

      Don’t do it

      • Samuel Stewart Antley permalink

        Where did the “Don’t Do it” Comment come from? that is just rude. PRC is the best thing I ever did.

  25. Josie permalink

    I had this surgery 2 years ago, I was very active before the surgery, crossfit, very physical job and thought nothing could slow me down. I was out of work about 6 months and even after I went back I wore a brace for about 6 more months. I still have restrictions because my wrist has not much flexibility but I am 90% back to my old routine. I workout everyday with modifications of course. There is still some pain I’m sure from arthritis but nothing at all like before the surgery. I also am having problems with the other wrist and will admit if I have to have surgery on that one life will change for me dramatically. I will admit I have no grip in those fingers on that hand, it’s always kind of the sensation that my hand is asleep. I do wish you the best of luck on your surgery and a speedy recovery.

    • Samuel Stewart Antley permalink

      Josie, you sure it’s not copral tunnel in your other wrist? I had bad numbness before the PRC and a release fixed that. Maybe you should get it checked. Good luck

      • KIMBERLY SMITH permalink

        DON’T DO IT! My husband had carpal tunnel surgery and about 2 years later had this PRC it is getting worse everyday. It’s been about 3 years. Extreme pain, swelling, hand shakes uncontrollably. I feel so bad for him.

      • Fred smith permalink

        No I had both hands done b4 prc but thanks for the help

    • Becky permalink

      I just had mine done 1 month ago. The first 7 days were the worst. This is my 2nd hand surgery. I had a bone graph in 2015 (they took a piece of bone from my arm) to replace my scaphoid (I broke it in 2008 it didn’t heal properly I never went to the hospital) the pin came out in 2017 that hurts! I went until last month and had the PRC i had bone on bone. The bone graph was a nightmare. This PRC surgery has already been better than the other. My situation may be different because my hand was such a mess and the Dr. Wasn’t sure he could do the PRC and may have had to fuse it. I’m very glad they didn’t. I only had about 50- 60% usage after the first surgery. Like everyone else you go until you can’t stand the pain anymore and lose all function. The pain is already better than pre surgery. I haven’t been able to hold a pen and write my name in a very long time and I can already do that! One thing that is extremely important is to do the physical therapy like you’re supposed to. BTW I’m 44 yrs old.

  26. Sophie Bentley permalink

    I had PRC on 12th August and my cast came off two weeks ago. I had an area that was sore and bruised on the side of my wrist, which the consultant thought that I had torn. All is healing well but the tightening is a strange sensation. I have no strength yet but keeping up with in the hope that it improves. I want to get back to driving but I cannot put the car into reverse so I think that I will have to be patient.

    • Sam Antley permalink

      Best of luck to you, Sophie. Sound like your in good spirits. It will take time. The strength part is funny. The muscles are still there and apithy is not that fast. I’m no doctor but I think its your mind that says ” the wrist is hurt it can’t do that”. And know mater how hard you try you can’t do it. Then one day you can do a little, next day a little more. Maybe it’s as much training your mind as your new wrist. What do you and others here think about that?

  27. Vincent Seina permalink

    Had my surgery on Aug 14th. Cast and stitches off and out on Aug 26th Wearing brace only at night. Have movement in thumb and forefinger but still very swollen. Other fingers very little movement but trying. Go for pt on the 17th of Sept. Was supposed to go on the 3rd but cancelled because of hurricane. Operation took a little longer than expected the block didn’t work so had to knock me out which took a little longer. High tolerance to pain and pain medication ,from taking them for so long. They also deadened the nerves to the wrist. I’m just hoping it helps to at least reduce the pain. It got to the point just working on the computer was unbearable and have the same problem in the left wrist. Was told it was from my job Auto tech breaking nuts and bolts by hand not using power tools and from riding my motorcycle. The bike had hard mounted handle bars and being an old Harley vibrations ran through the whole frame . I really thought it would be a little easier recovery from what the drs were saying and how it was explained. I’ve been doing some exercise and forcing movement does feel better. Just hope doing the right things. I’ll update after the first pt sessions

    • Sam permalink

      Best wishes man. How old are you? You said something about the other wrist was having problems. Was it a fracture or something else?

      • Vincent Seina permalink

        63 years old Same reason because of job 40 years of turning wrenches takes a big toll on the body Especially back, neck and wrist

      • Sam permalink

        Age sux, 57 here. I was a farmer and never had any down time after the PRC. I would recommend (no a doctor) take I easy until the wrist tighten up a little from the missing bones. After that you have to learn to make a new joint with 3 less bones. It will work it you work at it. I was wondering why the PRC if you didn’t break the scaphoid. Did something ware out?

      • Vincent Seina permalink

        The scaphoid and the 2 bones next to it. From the constant pushing and pulling on the joint from turning wrenches. Very rarely did I use power tools to break stubborn rusted bolts loose.

  28. Christina thomas permalink

    Im 27 had my prc in may the only problem i have with it is i still have the pain around the wrist bone area and cant move the wrist up or down as its too stiff had 1 physio witch i didnt find useful at all as ive had no follow up appointments or anything how long does it take to fully heal

    • Fred permalink

      Well it’s been 8 months and I am still in ALOT of pain and there is lots of swelling and limited mobility. So far I am not too happy with the outcome.

      • Saml Antley permalink

        Sorry to here about your problems Fred. Did your Dr give any explanation for the pain and swelling?

      • Fred permalink

        The doctor told me at the final appointment that I would always be in pain. Also that I have arthritis. I wish he would have told me that before the surgery.

      • Sam Antley permalink

        I don’t think that is true Fred. I and others here have no pain or swelling. To remove it was the point of the PRC. I know everyone is different. I’m thinking you should find another Dr and see what is going on and what else might be done. I am no expert but I know the PRC works.
        Good luck

      • Christina thomas permalink

        Im the same swelling pain and limited mobility still numbness and pins and needles and hand keeps going blue

      • Burk permalink

        My swelling and pain were gone in two weeks. Of course there is pain trying to get back to normal activities of golf. I’m three months out and following doctor’s orders. Building strength and trying to add some flexibility.

  29. Burk Fitzpatrick permalink

    I had bone graft surgery 35 years ago for a broken scaphoid. I have always been very active. I developed arthritis and discovered necrosis. My cartilage was gone.
    I was working to remove tires from my ten speed and developed severe pain.
    I met my surgeon and despite great anxiety over the results, I am recovering well.
    Over the years, I list mobility but never decreased my activity, except when pain prevented it.
    Despite my anxiety over the future, I could not live with the pain. It was so great that I could not even open a refrigerator door.
    I am following doctor’s orders and hoping to return to all my activities, especially golf when my doctor permits it.
    I am 65 years old.

    • Sam Antley permalink

      Like you my broken scaphoid was 30 years old and I also had a bone graft. I wonder if those ever work? lol. Very similar story as yours and I can say all that is behind me now. One thing to think of is my pain was from the displaced scaphoid pieces being dead and rubbing together. If you are anything like that I can say that with the scaphoid removed there is no way it can hurt anymore. I kept the bones, they are in a cup in the freezer. Take them out and look at the little bastard every once in a while. Best wishes to you Burk.

      • Becky permalink

        I have my pin in a cup on my dresser! I gave birth to that little bastard. I thought about asking for the bones but they thought I was weird for asking for the pin.

  30. Fernanda permalink

    Hello! I am on my week 4 after PRC. ROM is still very very limited and strength is poor. Cast for the first two weeks and then splint 24/7 for 4 weeks, only taking them off for shower and physio. I wonder how long it took until you felt confident in using your hand? Atm, even a rippen banana is hard to open. I’m right handed and being using the left to write.

    • Sam permalink

      Hi Fernanda, I have learned here that everyone has a different rate of progression. Looks like your getting over the trauma part of the surgery and starting to use the wrist. If there is no underlining problems with the wrist the rate of recovery might depend on how much effort you put into it. However, you have to be careful and realize your trying to make a new joint with bones that weren’t meant to touch each other. The new joint will work, I don’t even think about my wrist anymore. Best of luck to you and keep working on it.


  31. Kim permalink

    My husband has alot of “crunching” and popping. He is 2 months out. Has anyone else experienced this? Is it normal? Do you think he could be overdoing it?

    • Samuel Stewart Antley permalink

      Kim, that was normal for my PRC. I could shake my arm and the wrist would rattle at two months. Things are lose and trying to find there new place. have to give it time. As for doing to much I’m not sure. One side says take it easy and let everything tighten up. The other side says keep it limber from the start to keep your range of motion. Be interested to see what others think. I was a farmer at the time. So as soon as the cast was off I had to get back to work. Kind of did my own PT and I am very happy with my PRC.

      Good luck.

      • Kim permalink

        Samuel, Thank you very much for your input, I really appreciate it. Any little bit helps. He is a class A CDL driver. Going back to work soon. .

      • Sam Antley permalink

        Your welcome Kim. It will take time but the joint will work. Funny recovery because nothing is broken or damaged your just trying to make a new joint work for you. That is after you recover from the damage and trauma of the surgery obviously. Your husband is a driver. That’s funny after the wife’s passing I’ve stopped farming and been working toward getting my CDL and start driving. Let me know if he needs some help, maybe a ride along intern.

        Take care

      • Becky permalink

        I have my pin in a cup on my dresser! I gave birth to that little bastard. I thought about asking for the bones but they thought I was weird for asking for the pin.

      • Sam Antley permalink

        Ha.. I have my bones in a cup in the freezer. They do think your weird when you ask, but they told me they were my bones. I still get them out and look at them sometimes. Not much anymore cause I don’t really think about the wrist anymore. Thinking of turning them to ashes and mixing with some of my late wife’s ashes and having one of the glass orbs made with them. We would kinda be together again. How weird is that?

  32. Wendy A Belt permalink

    I just had my 2nd PRC 2 days ago. This was the left wrist. Had right wrist done 2017. Done by 2 different physicians. First one, did not use nerve block or complete immobilization . Had 2 different casts,waited 2 weeks to remove dressing, then casted for 2 weeks and again another 2 weeks ,with different hand position. Therapy 6 weeks. All good. 2nd one had nerve block and I think this created more pain. Splinter for 2 weeks right surgery then will have 2 weeks of cast. Lot more swelling this time around. Hope this one goes as well as the first one.

    • Samuel Antley permalink

      Best wishes Wendy. Hope it all goes as well as the first.I had the nerve block I think. Is that the shot behind the shoulder that the whole re is dead for two days? I have nothing to compare it to, but all came out ok.

    • Samuel Stewart Antley permalink

      How is the wrist doing Wendy?

  33. Fred Smith permalink

    Thank you for your help and your input. I really appreciate it because I was unable to find this information anywhere else.

    • Give it time. Everyone heals at their own rate and this procedure is known to be brutal on many people (me included). I’m ok now.

  34. Fred Smith permalink

    Well it’s been 5 weeks, I am still in alot pain, have significant swelling and poor ROM. Would like to know how much longer this will be like this.

    • Fred my swelling lasted 3 months with my PRC 6 years ago. I started doing the PT about 5 weeks out and slowly it all got better. It took about 5 months until I could throw pottery again. I’m a potter.
      5 weeks is not much time for a PRC to get better. Be patient and do your PT as much as you can.
      The pt will improve rom.

    • DA DON YOU KNOW permalink

      Fred , I have been casted for 6 weeks to start of… When i got the cast out my hand was 0 ROM, but not a painful hand while static. I started phisyo therapy to win again some kind of mobility and add flesh on it cause it was very skinny. For the first 3-4 months it swelled up a little bit, hurt somewhere, then somewhere else. I was pretty mad,bones need to settle to find theyre place in there, but continue and continue to train and sleep good. Eventually the body made the adjustment in about 5 months Im doing gym exercises, pressure how much i want in a correct angles and now 7,5 months, wrist is not a problem anymore. It’s a long process and it will never be the same as far as concerning ROM. This depends from case to case, for example Ive got some calcifications because i waited 3 months surgery and another 1,5 months casted and my flexion move is 0, but i still have some Extension about 65 grades plus little bit of lateral deviations. Final ROM is obtained in about 6 months, after that idont belive in miracles, it will just function better with time, movement of the bones will stop grinding each other, they settle finally.

      • Fred Smith permalink

        Thank you for your help and your input. I really appreciate it, I was unable to find this information anywhere else.

  35. Steve permalink

    I have been in an insane amount of pain for a few years and need a double PRC. Been putting it off for a long time. Love motorcycling. I want to know what the Drs won’t tell me from people who have had it done. Post pain and recovery and PT etc. Motorcycling? Dreading this. Do not have dates on calendar for surgery. I want details. Just searched for and found this blog tonight. HELP ! – Steve

    • Samuel Antley permalink

      On the road right now with the motorcycle. Will comment more when I get settled in. Your the only one that knows when you had enough and are ready. Best thing I ever did besides marriage to my late wife.
      Good luck more soon.

      • Samuel Antley permalink

        Steve the pain is crazy. No one can understand that hasn’t had the problem. Your not alone. I can make simple, hope Don will back me up. First, if the bones are removed they can’t hurt anymore – period. Going to be other battles to fight and different pains for sure. The PRC can work.Before the PRC I could not ride the bike without pain and the hand quickly became numb. Now I am visiting my Dad, a seven hour motorcycle ride. Spent yesterday nailing siding on the back of his house. Today painted with a 4″ brush most of the day, all no pain. I’m right handed right PRC. I’ll ride back day after tomorrow. Second, If it doesn’t work you can always fuse it and still ride. It is a hard life decision but people are here to tell you a PRC has changed their life. Ask us questions.

    • DA DON YOU KNOW permalink

      Always backing you up, man.
      first days it’s harder. you need to pay attention. If you strentghten the recovery process with a healthy lifestyle, it will get stronger in no time, especially if you have a decent muscles in the forearm and palm.
      so training it daily it will rebuild a new wrist, a new joint. It wont be the same, but it s workable, as long as youre not doing boxing or so. Im 26 and I was in deppresion cause i was scared , i wont be able to do sports again. Now after 7,5 months, im doing 70 % of what I was doing, including Pushups-pullups. Riding a bike is no problem,guess motorcyle is ok. Daily activities is absolutely no problem. Honestly it has no limit. Plus if you need it, you kinda need it, theres not many options. Don’t worry, it ll be fine, just train it !

      • Samuel Antley permalink

        Thx Don, well said. You speak so differently than you first did. Someone new to this and thinking they are the only one this happened to is rough. Also after seeing some YouTubes it’s down right flipping terrifying. Good luck Steve. Fuss and cuss here and we will do what we can to help.

  36. DA DON YOU KNOW permalink

    This site is crazy. New post is up in the page, replys go down the primary message you are replying to.

    Sam, I think the technique differs from doctor to doctor to pacient problem. Incisions can be maked in front of the wrist, in the back also and combined. Depends on the situation there and by the doc preference.

    Also the post op immobilisation technique differs..I had a half cast half bandage and for 2 weeks I had to change the surgery bandage inside at 3 days. After that 2 weeks, he pulled the surgery stiches and casted fully my fist without fingers. Another month passed.

    For paul dobbin, man I just catch bottles or jars from the bottom instead of the lateral side. It gives me a stronger grip and no pain angle.

    Now Sam, I understand your situations, damn. It s nice of you thinking about me and how I manage. Haha well you should try to take care of your hands man and eat healthy. What are the options to your arthosis or arthritis?
    No showing off, show me the pic. Ill show you soon my progress.
    You were right, it s really funny that after a while you start to love your prc and get along with it.
    But I have to admit, it s a hella experience and challange.

  37. DA DON YOU KNOW permalink

    Hi there friends again, esspecially Sam. I can do over 10 push ups and 2 pullups correct form. Im doing weigths at gym , my force grew a lot and i have no problem puttin pressure.
    Actually i did so much train i fuckin exhausted my back muscles. And still wrist no problem.
    It was to be expected, i mean long time not used my left and i unbalanced my back muscles. So overall it s nothing can stop a prc, just pay attention to work simetrically. Until spring i think ill manage to do 7 pullups then things get to normal. I dont even pay attention anymore at my wrist…
    Actually i have one intersting question. Did you prc affected your body? It unbalanced it? Or you never felt that problems.

    • Sam permalink

      Great News Don! You Rock man. Think about you when I’m doing things with the wrist and wonder how your making out. Not sure how this website works. I have trouble following commits and finding things we wrote. Do you commit to the E-mail or go to the site and commit? Anyway, Glad to hear your success. You should go back and read your commits about ” a salvage surgery ” and all the problems you were having and me trying to tell you it works sometimes and how I Love my PRC . Its funny now but totally understandable.

      As far as the body being balanced, I can’t tell you. I have also broke the other scaphoid at a different time. ( play hard and live life to the fullest )That one healed OK but the arthritis is real bad. Totally different than a PRC. I baby that wrist now and do things with the PRC. Another reason I still take the meds.

      I can’t find it now but I took a photo a while back holding a Cinder block brick flat in the palm of the PRC wrist. Can get close to full deflection with the weight. Didn’t post it because at the time I thought it would just be showing off and might hurt or upset you more than you already were. But now games on, push it. If I can’t find it I’ll make another.

      Good luck to All

  38. Fred Smith permalink

    I tried to lift a full milk jug 2 days after surgery felt a “pulling apart feeling”
    Not too smart? I’ll keep you posted.

    • Mark Cortright permalink

      After surgery -baby that hand/wrist for the rest of your life-no hammering

      • Paul Dobbin permalink

        No hammering, no post whole digging, no torque wrench, no tug of war and watch out for aggressive hand shakes. And I opted for the tougher 4 corner fusion instead of the
        have more use of it. All promises, 4 years ago. But i can drive with 4 speed floor shift and live pretty well until I’m confronted with a bottle of peanut butter or other vacuum sealed jars.

    • Sam permalink

      I could shake mine and you could here the bones Randle. Like after a woman has a baby you will have to let things tighten back up. You are still in a cast right? How do you pick up a jug in a cast?

      Also, I can hammer quite well with the PRC. Just not all day anymore.

      • Lisa permalink

        Give it time, let it heal. 1 of my hones moved cause I used it too much. If the bone didn’t go back the right way, it was going to need surgery again. Ince a healed & strengthened, you’ll be fine hammering all day again.

    • DA DON YOU KNOW permalink

      It s ok, but chill out for a period, elevate it bla bla. R I C E. Surgeon was moving my hand in all diretions 2nd after the surgery, it felt horrible but i made it. Yes you have to protect it for the rest of your life…but you can get back to your activities like i did in about 7 months.
      After 2 weeks i was holding about 0.3 kg. Then re train the hand in your new confortable angles.(less mobility affects force).
      You can even do pushups, hammering is quite easy just not with the biggest hammer :)).

      • Sam permalink

        I don’t understand. Went back and looked. I had a long row of metal staples on the back of my hand and it all wrapped up after surgery. I remember two weeks before I even seen the wrist. I even teared up after the stitches were taken out and they move it to made the little splint. Hurt like a son of a bitch. After that was when I was able to start working it. Are you guys saying you were at the stage two days after surgery?

  39. DonMarius1 permalink

    Hello Sam & Paul.
    I’ve visited my surgeon 2day. He evaluated my hand, he said is very good and I need to start puttin pressure in it. I was afraid a little bit before cause I did not know if it’s ok from a medical point of view.
    But he said to start doing whatever I like, push ups, pull ups, skating.. that to not limit me at all.
    (by possibilities of course)
    If i dont do pressure enough, that wrist will start osteophorosis process.
    So basically puttin pressure in it gives the body signals to strengthen the bones in there.
    He is very talented surgeon…showed me lately PRC he s been doing, and they all got 70% percent mobility maybe more but their wrist were not that messed up like mine. (simple kienbocks, but the wrist was clean…get the point)

    About skating he said he does not know what will happend if I fall, but he believs at big impact in danger is the ending of the radius, thats where the pressure will go and my wrist will be intact)
    I dont have a full extension, but im pretty almost there. lets say about 60%-65%
    and for a perfect push up i need at least 75%-85%. Im only 5 months, i belive in 1 year ill be able to do normal push ups. but will have not a big flexion,
    My pain is minimal to 0 now, even after lifting. Today I went to gym and worked out adapted exercises and normal ones pretyy good. Got good pumpin today.

    Ill train hard theese months and ill build training videos constant. Cya )DON

    • Samuel Antley permalink

      That is great news Don!. Sounds like an early Christmas present.

      I know you are the exercise king and all but I know one thing that has helped me the most with the flexing. It’s simple, Sit on your hands. Yes, whenever I can I will sit with my hands palm open and facing down under my thighs. This lets me either pull up with the shoulders or put weight on with the legs. Rocking side to side lets you compare to the other wrist. It also helps a lot when you are not looking at the wrist and just feeling what it is telling you. I find more discomfort in the forearm than in the wrist. Our forearms never get stretched all the way because of the range of motion in the wrist. Stretching this way lets you get to the true limit of the wrist not the forearm. I just keep reminding myself that there are no more bones in the wrist that can hurt anymore.

      Good Luck

      • DonMarius1 permalink

        Hell yea, my depression dissapeard right away and I feel more alive now.
        I hope everybody gets to feel this way.
        I get it Sam.
        I m no king, just an animal with desire to move his body:))
        Thanks for advice, ill do that. And you also got a mind for kinetic moves.

        P.S. I talked in my college about my case and because im the last year, ill build up a license on “Recovery after carpectomy”. There’s nu such information in Romania. All goes well.
        Cya in the next videos. And stay blessed friends.

  40. Samuel Antley permalink

    Don’t change the english, it was great!

  41. Samuel Antley permalink

    Don, please don’t apologize for being negative, you have every right to be negative, depressed and pissed off. Believe me; I lost my wife to ALS-FTD. It will be two years on New Year ’s Day. It is very similar feelings to lose some use of a hand and not be able to do thing you love and need to do. I was 21 when I broke my wrist. My right wrist. I think I saw yours was the left, so it could be worse, unless you are left handed. For a while I lost the ability to even write with a pen. Finished college with my left hand and that was before computers. Let’s not even talk about properly wiping your ass with your other hand. So you have some things to be thankful for. Overall I think you’re doing a damn good job with the arm. Keep it up.

    Without the wife I’m shutting down the farm and scrapping the barns out. Yesterday I loaded 4,280 pounds of scrap steel on to a trailer in 5 hours. Sold it and they weighed the trailer. My phone app said I carried it over 6 miles. It was gates for the pins so I carried one in each hand out of the barn and to the trailer. That would be carrying 2,140 pounds (one Ton) for three miles with a PRC wrist! 20 months after surgery and no pain at all. Everyone is different but a PRC will work sometimes so don’t dismiss it. Just two years ago I did not even swing my arm when I walked because in hurt just to swing the empty hand. I am very happy with the PRC. However I understand what everyone is going thru I have been there.

    I looked for that motorcycle brace and could not fine mine. If you google “Motocross wrist brace” you should find something. Mine could be adjusted so if you have say 20 deg movement you set it at 15 deg and it would not let the wrist move past that. It had a cable system in it that let you move at normal speed but the speed of a fall it stopped all movement. Never fell hard on the wrist to test it but the peace of mind is worth everything. The brace was expensive but something like that might work for you.

    One more thing. You know all the body parts so what keeps you from doing a pullup? I don’t think there would be bone contact in the pull direction. Is it grip strength? Why do we lose grip strength when the muscles are in the forearm? I understand the pushup with bone contact and wrist angle but not a pullup.

    P.S. hope we are not Hi-Jacking this forum, not seeing much other traffic. If it is a problem or you want it for other commits I can post my email address.

    • DonMarius1 permalink

      Im sorry for you. And I understand what you’re saying. And it’s kinda ugly either way.

      No hijacking my friend. It’s better to talk here. When i got into this problem, ive readed every post on this blog and everything on google & youtube and it prepared me. For sure , combining depression and pause from activity with the pain and thoughts, you get a limited mind for a while.
      My thinking was the same, what can stop me from doing pull ups, since theres no bone contact?
      ( this exercise is one of the best ever, thats why i want to do it)
      Well it came to my mind that, if you are having a little mobility wrist, and in my case its a non flexion wrist, its harder to make a strong grip, and by flexing the wrist, you get a better grip on the bar.

      So its more natural for me to hang with the fingers, instead of really taking a good grip on it. If i force my flexion it hurts. or simply find a thick or thin bar. and lock the correct position. ( no tricks available ) I was doing like gimnasts and that felt so fuckin good.

      Anyway theese is just details and i cant cry like a baby. Ill be where i want to be for sure and thanks for keeping up with the posts and sharing information. And providing good thoughts!
      You understand how it feels…

      When my scafoid broke, i needed 2 years of strenghtening to do 10 -15 perfect pullups series. But it never healed right. So im also thinking now, (@man, it needs time@).

      Im 100% sure i can fuck up the limits , but i want also to protect it in a way and this time do the phisique therapy by the book.
      Ill look for that brace! motocross one!

      Surgeon told me to meet this week to talk about the future, and ill post if he says something intersting. He will check my hand again. And to be more positive, ill focus on the training and nutrition even more. Ill have a goood training video soon.

  42. Can I have your permission to embed this video on the explanation Page? Well done.

    • DonMarius1 permalink

      Yes, ofcourse Peter. Im building another one with exercises, with better english.

  43. DonMarius1 permalink

    check my 5months

    • Samuel Antley permalink

      That was great Don! Hope that can help someone. Let me absorb it for a few days and I will have some questions. I wanted to get out there that i understand your negative words about the PRC. However,I had put up with the wrist for almost as many years as you have been alive. The PRC was the best thing I ever did. It will work great sometimes. Just not sure if it will work for 50 years are so like you are needing.

      I had this robot looking wrist brace that I used back when I rode motocross. You could fall on that without any worries. That would get you back on the skate board. Let me dig up who makes it.

      • DonMarius1 permalink

        Great words for you Sam.
        I am negative about the PRC a little bit cause it take away abiltities and you need to be patient.
        In someones active life that is a big stairway to climb up. It needs a lot of work. Maybe it was my muscular atrophy wich made things worse 4 me.
        But my attitude is also positive. If u need a PRC and theres no other solution.
        You should not give in, but be realistic. With a custom made brace, i may be riding again yes, and you just told me that. In skateboarding, i dont even use my hand that much, just for balance and sometimes to defend my self, but i builded that skill in the time I had a SNAC wrist.

        Ive texted my surgeon , asked him if I may be able ever to ride in competitions without worrying I get injuries in there again, if the hand may be able ever to sustain higher efforts in future without killing my hand slowly ( cuz i actually dont know how much arthosis i have in there). Things like hanging on the bar, pressure limitation etc. if the muscles can sustain lack of bones…
        He told me we should meet next months to check my hand, and he ll give me his honest limitations.

        If u search on the internet, even on this blog, theres not to many people who got back in there athleete mode. And I wish that is possible, so that i can show everyone how to do it. Ofc, theres people like you who tell me its ok. But i think you know that the PRC hand has some sensations some times that is hard to explain.
        I love yall and next ill post a video of nice exercises that i started with and some harder exercises that i do now. SO that every body can improve their conditions.

        p.s.- im sorry 4 my bad attitude, it will change and im still mad of what happend 2 me.

  44. Don Marius1 permalink

    One more thing, if we re at the squeezing informations chapter.
    Few days ago i was pulling a bar with the prc wrist harder then ive should and then used it as the day goes by as a carrying hand but a small weight, nothing much.
    Fact that did me next day an inflamation. The weak point is on the interior of the hand, not the side with the surgery incision. It s the only place i get inflamation. Base of the palm center or base of the thumb. I feel like the 2-3 bones that now , build the base of the wrist, capitat( in the center) and radial side (trapezoid,trapezium) cannot sustain enough pressure without getting some inflamation.
    As for the ulnar side, I cant say u can get much pressure in there, if we re talking about the anatomical structure.

    My inflamation get inside the articular capsula, beneath the flexor tendons. It s my case.

    Im wondering if this episode repeats, even after years after the surgery. bad Rubbing rubbing
    If I get inflamation at every major activity, it s no fun.
    I just hope, it wont take my whoole ability to do sports with it, at least not to take them at all.
    God bless.

  45. Don Marius1 permalink

    Theese pRC s are pretty fucked up. Need a lot of work honestly. I know PRC surgery very well, ive studied it before i had it. I thinked about it a lot and I feel it different like you say. The position of the thumb is also different, because shortening the hand and no radial deviation, thumb it gets stuck in an angle.
    What can I say , im workin hard and patient theese days, im now 4 months. Next months I ll show you some adapted exercises for PRC hands wich I now do. I also need to be cautios not to do them to much haha… so patiance and go healthy as much as a shaolin if yall can.

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