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I started this blog because I needed a proximal row carpectomy and I could not find any further information other than how the operation is performed and statistical results of the operation. I had many questions that were left unanswered. For example, how much pain will I have during the operation, after the operation and how long will it take to heal? When could I start using my hand and more importantly my fingers? Would I be able to ride my motorcycle again? And if yes how soon?

I searched blogs, Bing and Google and could not find any answers to these questions. Of course I could find out what was involved in the operation and during operation including all those gory videos intended for surgeons and horror movie fans. So I decided to start a blog to log events and I urge anyone else who has had a proximal row carpectomy to add their comments or ask their questions to this blog so that it may help others. Additionally please share your experiences as well!

There may be some grammar errors since I’m using Dragon Naturally Speaking software to dictate the entries rather than typing. I hope to catch most of them.

  1. Gina Leffert Paige permalink

    I am 1 weeks post PRC and have 30 degrees movement and meet all ther goals in therapy. 65 degrees is my goal and I hope to meet that soon. But my wrist is pain free. I am 47 yrs old.

  2. Shawn permalink

    I’m 48 and had injuries to both hands several years ago. Had multiple reconstructive surgeries on both. Finally went for the proximal row carpectomy on my left hand two years ago. Range of motion sucked because I didn’t have much cartilage left. I maxed at 20 degrees and had constant pain for a year. This past year the pain has decreased but still very weak. I don’t even attempt to open a door using my left hand. Using a computer is ok and carrying light bags is ok as long as the wrist is straight down towards the ground. However going to finally fuse the left wrist probably this year. Going to shoot for a joint replacement of my right wrist in about a year. Been consulting with the two primary surgeons in the US who regularly perform this procedure.

  3. Thats brilliant wish it was me well just have to keep at it well done

  4. Thats bad shit man sorry to hear that

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