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Patient’s Results

This page is for pictures and descriptions from patients who have had a PRC. Please e-mail your pictures and a description with your name and I will add them to this post.


Allison Francis

This is my first look. Surgery was 12-1-14, and this is 2 weeks post surgery.

image1 image2 

This is a look after stitches were removed

hand1 hand2 hand3



Peter Sanderson

July 7th, 2013 ā€“ 16- Days after a PRC Surgery when the cast was removed:

WP_20130705_005 WP_20130705_006  WP_20130708_001 WP_20130708_002 WP_20130708_003 WP_20130708_004


  1. DAVE SHIELDS permalink

    How is your range of motion? My orthopedist wants to do this PRC procedure but I’m hesitant because I play guitar and want to make sure I will be able to afterwards.

    • Mike P permalink

      I am almost 1 year post-op on my left wrist and my range of motion and strength is really good. In fact, much better than I expected! I do still have a slight lump on that wrist but it is not tender or painful and certainly not big enough to effect my range of motion. I am still able to enjoy my regular physical activities like canoeing and lifting weights (with a wrist brace for both), and shooting skeet (albeit with a slightly modified grip.)The only thing I notice is that my left wrist is about 80% strength of my “good” right wrist. Based on my results, I don’t think your post-op range of motion will inhibit your guitar playing (assuming the procedure is on your strumming hand). It just my tire a little quicker. If the procedure is on your hand on the neck of the guitar, the procedure should have zero effect on the range of motion in your fingers.

  2. My surgeon made two small incisions to remove the bones. One on each side of the thumb area. This reduces the scar tissue considerably. Have a look at day 18 – cast removed –

    Finger and knuckle swelling is common and may continue depending on how hard you work your hand 9in the future. For example, my fingers swell a bit now if I use a saw or ride the motorcycle for days.

    • Mike Patrick permalink

      Thanks so much for all your post-op feedback! I ama 50 year old male and still quite active physically. I’m having a PRC in a month and am concerned about to what exent I will be able to get back to my previous activities like canoeing and lifting weights at the gym. Are you able to now do “strenuous” activity with your post-op wrist?

  3. Linda Bona permalink

    Hi Peter,
    I don”t have pictures but I do have a couple of questions. One I only had one incision and it is on the top of my hand close to my wrist. I have a “lump” for lack of another word that the Dr, says is scar tissue and will get less noticeable after a few months. I don’ t see this on your hand but it appears your hand is very swollen and mine is not after week 7.I can see a little dip in my hand probably where the 3 bones were removed. I have good motion in my fingers and actually have 45% rom so far.
    The knuckle under my pointer finger it larger than my other hand & I don’t have arthritis in it ??
    If you have heard of either of my issues from others on the form or yourself I would really appreciate any confirmation.

    • Mike Patrick permalink

      I too only had 1 incision, and it is on the top of my hand close to my wrist. I am almost exactly 1 year post op, and I still have a noticeable “lump” on top of my wrist. However it is not painful or tender and certainly is not big enough to effect my range of motion. I do not have any issues with my knuckles.

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