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Patient’s Results

This page is for pictures and descriptions from patients who have had a PRC. Please e-mail your pictures and a description with your name and I will add them to this post.


Allison Francis

This is my first look. Surgery was 12-1-14, and this is 2 weeks post surgery.

image1 image2 

This is a look after stitches were removed

hand1 hand2 hand3



Peter Sanderson

July 7th, 2013 ā€“ 16- Days after a PRC Surgery when the cast was removed:

WP_20130705_005 WP_20130705_006  WP_20130708_001 WP_20130708_002 WP_20130708_003 WP_20130708_004


  1. My surgeon made two small incisions to remove the bones. One on each side of the thumb area. This reduces the scar tissue considerably. Have a look at day 18 – cast removed –

    Finger and knuckle swelling is common and may continue depending on how hard you work your hand 9in the future. For example, my fingers swell a bit now if I use a saw or ride the motorcycle for days.

    • Mike Patrick permalink

      Thanks so much for all your post-op feedback! I ama 50 year old male and still quite active physically. I’m having a PRC in a month and am concerned about to what exent I will be able to get back to my previous activities like canoeing and lifting weights at the gym. Are you able to now do “strenuous” activity with your post-op wrist?

  2. Linda Bona permalink

    Hi Peter,
    I don”t have pictures but I do have a couple of questions. One I only had one incision and it is on the top of my hand close to my wrist. I have a “lump” for lack of another word that the Dr, says is scar tissue and will get less noticeable after a few months. I don’ t see this on your hand but it appears your hand is very swollen and mine is not after week 7.I can see a little dip in my hand probably where the 3 bones were removed. I have good motion in my fingers and actually have 45% rom so far.
    The knuckle under my pointer finger it larger than my other hand & I don’t have arthritis in it ??
    If you have heard of either of my issues from others on the form or yourself I would really appreciate any confirmation.

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