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Exercise Diagrams

Every person and every surgery is unique and therefore, the recovery and physiotherapy is also unique. The exercises are given by physiotherapist to address the needs of the individual and also to help them reach their goals. For example in my surgery, I had many problems with my fingers and thumbs as opposed to other people who did not have any problems with their fingers and thumbs. Therefore my exercises would be different and would address these issues. Also my goals are to be able to ride my Vespa GTV 300 again. Therefore these exercises below are probably of no use to anybody except for the person they were designed for. However, I am posting them so that people who have not had a PRC can get an idea of what type of recovery exercises will be required. Anyone who has exercises such as these can send them to me by email at  and I will also post them.

My exercises Month One:

Another readers exercises Month One:

View album

My exercises Month Two:

View album
  1. Vince permalink

    Thank you, Peter!

  2. Tammy M. permalink

    Thank you for sharing this exercises.

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