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Toronto Hand Clinic

I would recommend to anybody to consider the Toronto Western Hospital, hand clinic under Dr. Steven McCabe. The treatment I have received from the first day I walked into the clinic until I walked out after surgery was by far better than anything I could imagine.

All the surgeons, all the staff and the nurses have an excellent sense of humor and have implemented one of the best quality control systems I have seen in the hospital. Since quality management is my field of operation I enjoyed watching all the checks and inspections that they performed throughout the process.

It seemed like I never waited in line, I was always greeted with a smile and all of my questions were addressed. Furthermore, after my surgery I was given access to a phone number that gave me 24/7 access to a hand surgeon on staff. I actually used this service twice since after the surgery I had some bleeding that concerned me. I believe I phoned later that night and the surgeon on staff called me back within five minutes to give me advice.

I like Dr. Steven McCabe and a Scottish surgeon whom I do not have his name. I tried to convince both of them to repair my lunate bone using crazy glue since that is what I do often when repairing my Vespa. the response was funny; ” If our process doesn’t work, we will try to crazy glue”.

From everything I have read, hand surgery is a very specific field and it is not something that should be performed by a general orthopedic surgeon.  Although I am no expert and cannot make this claim, it just seems to be the consensus among most hand clinic Internet sites throughout North America and Europe.  Therefore, I would highly recommend to anyone in Canada who has hand problems to visit the Toronto Western Hospital – hand clinic under the guidance of Dr. Steven McCabe.


  1. Taylor permalink

    Hi! Can you please re-share the link? Thank you 🙂

  2. Larry permalink

    I have had PRC on each wrist. Left wrist 2 years ago . The right 14 months ago. I have a bump on the back of my right hand in the area of the surgery. It seems to be in the location where the remaining bones used to meet the small bones that were removed. Straight down from my middle finger . Does not hurt, but has popped up recently. Did not notice until the last few weeks. The left wrist did not do this. Is this normal? Anything to be concerned about ? Thanks Larry

    • Lou Hagler permalink

      Why are comments so old seems a waist of time to get this.

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