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PRC – An Explanation

PRC – proximal row carpectomy is a surgical procedure that removes a row of small bones in the wrist. In reality, the surgeons change a complex joint in the wrist to a simple yet workable hinge. One good part about a PRC as compared to other wrist surgeries is that it has the least amount of recovery time. I have created a small video that explains the procedure as I understand it to be. There are many reasons why a PRC is performed and I am certain that everyone is unique. In my case my lunate bone had not received blood circulation for a very long time and had cracked while I was changing a spark plug on my Vespa GTV 300. There is no other option but a PRC or a complete wrist fusion. Have you had a PRC? If yes, please take 10-seconds and complete our survey so others may know the statistical outcome. (Click Here).






CT Scan – 4 Months After Surgery:


Video 1 of 2


Video 2 of 2



More to Come…

  1. charles edward thomas permalink

    I wouldn’t do the PRC again, It’s been six months and I have a very long way to recovery. The outside of my right hand looks good, but the inside feels as if I had the surgery on yesterday. Trying to remain patient.

    • Lou permalink

      It too will become your show piece as thats all it good for. Two years post they wanted to do the left hell no. The only fix is fuse. Had i know
      A 70% success rate i would have had it
      Fused at an angle. Then I would at
      Least had finger strength. Now i would be worse off if it were fused.

      • Lou permalink

        Edit my last comment the mayo study said it was a 70% failure rate.

    • It took me a better part of a year. I also found out from an MRI (read about it on my blog here) that I had small bone fragments left in. They eventually dissolved.

  2. Paul Fernandez permalink

    I didn’t go with the fusion because of Anxiety it can really get to you because you can’t move it you get depressed and have bad thoughts I am a double PCR patient and I had anxiety at first because of mobility issues it gets better. My advice is to have the PRC and deal with fusion later you are young

  3. I think everyone’s condition is unique and everyone’s ability to recover is unique. I know my body took more time than many to recover. I still have issues, but funny enough, I have issues now with my other hand, so I think it may be just getting old 😦

  4. Chris permalink

    37 years old, broke my scaphoid snowboarding about 15 years ago. Had a denervation surgery 12 years ago which helped me manage the pain until this past year it has become intolerable again. Have tried steroid injections twice but it has not helped. Recently did an arthroscopy to confirm the wrist is in good condition for a PRC which is the case. I have the option of PRC or fusion, surgeon tells me PRC will not last more than ~10 years and then will need to get a fusion. He says his patients all love their fusion who get them and it has the best chance of long term pain relief.

    I am very tempted to try the PRC first to see if I can preserve range of motion and eliminate pain for the next 10yrs before losing all range of motion with a fusion… but reading these comments I am thinking a full fusion might just make more sense and avoid future surgeries and complications. Thoughts?


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